Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Omega Dubai Ladies Masters

The Dubai Ladies Masters finished on Saturday, which in itself is unusual, (tournaments usually finish on a Sunday). I was hoping to see the sun during the week there but the weather was against us. There was a sandstorm on the first day, a bit of sun on the second but the rest of the week was overcast with showers!!! According to the locals out there, it usually only rains a handful of times a year, so this was bad luck for us. Still the cloud cover did provide a rest from the strong shadows under golf caps and visors so I managed to get some good stock shots of players.
One thing I noticed was that the 400mm that I use for most of my golf shots, was lacking length. The fairways are quite wide at the Majilis course so you can be quite a distance away from some of the players. This is OK as you can pick and choose where you shoot, but I am not a great fan of harsh cropping. I think that possibly the 500mm F4 canon lenses is gives you more flexibility for some of the bigger courses as it allows you to be a little bit further away from the subject with the added bonus that it is a heck of a lot lighter, (about 2KG), than the 400mm f2.8 that I have. At least it gives me something to put on my christmas list, although at just under £5400 I am not sure Santa will stretch to that this year :)

Talking of Chirstmas, In-Kyung Kim of Korea (above) received an early Christmas present of € 70K when she won the tournament by a 2 shot margin from Michelle Wie and Maria Hjorth from Sweden. Not bad for a week's work.

Speaking of work, I am off to La Manga (Spain) on Thursday to cover the final qualifying school for the LET. Again I was hoping for some sun, but so far the first day of the first stage of qualifying has been cancelled due to terrible rain storms. I am also getting told that it is very cold there as well. I'll keep you posted.

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